Mojo Donuts' Flantastic Is the Most Miami Doughnut Ever

Flan and doughnut had a baby.
Mojo Donut
Flan and doughnut had a baby.
For weeks, fans of Mojo Donuts have tried to figure out what the shop meant by its "WTF" posts on social media.

Mojo's Jimmy Piedrahita says "WTF" stands for "Where's the flan?" The Mojo co-owner explains that for years, his shop and others have tried to make a flan doughnut. What resulted was usually a pastry with a Bavarian cream filling. Maybe the flavor was there, but the firm, bouncy texture of real flan didn't exist — until now.

Piedrahita says his team worked long and hard to find a recipe and technique that would yield "a real flan doughnut for real Miamians." He says he finally got the recipe right and presented a version of the doughnut at Burger Beast's Croquetapalooza.

Tomorrow, June 7, National Doughnut Day, Mojo will introduce the Flantastic ($3.95), a glazed yeast doughnut that has real flan in the center, along with sweetened condensed milk. The doughnut is drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with toasted coconut and topped with Mojo mousse. Piedrahita quips that the only thing that could make this creation even more "Miami" is if he garnished it with a chocolate flamingo, "but the doughnut is perfect as it is."

Though all doughnuts are made in-house, the flan is procured from Miami's Creamy Creations, which Piedrahita calls spectacular. "This is real flan. It sticks to your spoon."

To celebrate the new treat, Mojo worked with Talao Social Media Marketing to create a commercial that spoofs Wendy's "Where's the beef?" commercials from the '80s. In the commercial, three old ladies grumble that fast-food burgers are dry and tasteless until they are presented with a juicy flame-broiled sandwich. In Mojo's version, three girls dressed as abuelas crack open some pedestrian doughnuts and cry out, "Where's the flan?" before delighting in Mojo's creations.
The original idea for the video was to have Sef "Burger Beast" Gonzalez dress as an abuela. "Sef was going to do it, but then someone suggested that we get some girls to play the parts. They did an amazing job too,"  Piedrahita says.

The Flantastic already has one superfan: Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The mayor, who has a sweet tooth, is frequently seen buying guava doughnuts at the shop. Piedrahita introduced him to the Flantastic, and Gimenez immediately fell for the most Miami of doughnuts.

The doughnuts, Piedrahita says, will be available at the West Miami-Dade location on Bird Road and the soon-to-open shop on South Dixie Highway at SW 57th Avenue in Coral Gables. So far, the doughnuts have been baked in small batches and sell out in minutes. For National Doughnut Day, the shop is prepared for an onslaught of eager doughnut lovers: It'll make hundreds of the Flantastic in the hopes they won't sell out. (Pro tip: Get there early. The shop opens at 6 a.m.)

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