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Jacuzzi Boys' Diego Monasterios on the Miami Rock Acts to Watch in 2019

Diego Monasterios: Jacuzzi Boys drummer, notorious Miami party-starter.
Photo by Gabriel Alcala
Diego Monasterios: Jacuzzi Boys drummer, notorious Miami party-starter.
When he's not drumming as one-third of Miami's infamous Jacuzzi Boys, Diego Monasterios mans the decks Friday nights at Las Rosas, arguably one of the city's most steadfast parties for rowdy, late-night fun. A veteran of the Miami scene, Monasterios came up with the Jacuzzi Boys as they emerged to become the Magic City's biggest indie-rock outfit of the last decade.

Signed to Hardly Art Records, sister label to Sub-Pop and a hotbed for certified-fresh alternative sounds, Jacuzzi Boys are a punk beacon for the city and continue to tour at home and internationally. But if you've ever been to Allapattah's Las Rosas on a Friday night, you know Monasterios is also helping keep the sweaty, no-holds-barred spirit of rock 'n' roll alive on the dance floor week after week with his wild DJ sets and guest mixes.

New Times asked Monasterios for his take on Miami's most exciting new rock acts to follow in the New Year:

Dani Miller
Donzii. "They’re always superfun to watch. They just recently played at the Center for Subtropical Affairs for Basel in a rainstorm and it felt very cool."

click to enlarge Jason Joshua & The Beholders - FREDDY DEBOE
Jason Joshua & The Beholders
Freddy Deboe
Jason Joshua & The Beholders. "I always have a great time watching these guys. They always turn up and have great energy. Jason also runs Mango Hill Records and is one of Miami’s coolest."

Nick County - RAVEN NIETO
Nick County
Raven Nieto
Nick County. "Nick County brings the back-home country vibes to the subtropics with his warm singalong vocals and fun melodies. Must-see if you like country music."

Tingy Thick. "Tingy Thick [is] a sexy instrumental band from West Palm. We played with them about a year ago and they absolutely crushed it."

Rick Moon. "Rick Moon is the man that can do it all — multi-instrumentalist and overall cool guy. Definitely someone people should check out."

Flute Man. "Flute Man holds a very special place in my heart because he happens to be my front-door neighbor and plays the flute in front of his house every day around 5 p.m. I’ve been meaning to get a recording but haven’t had the chance."