Betsy DeVos' Family Gave $200,000 to Ron DeSantis' PAC

The collection of ultrarich vampire people known as the DeVos clan has risen again from its dank cellar to put its collective thumb on the scale of Florida's gubernatorial race. According to political action committee records, four members of the DeVos clan, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' husband, Richard M. DeVos Jr., donated a total of $200,000 to the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC October 11.

The Michigan-based DeVos family is famous for pouring truly obscene amounts of wealth into the U.S. political system in favor of far-right candidates and causes. The family patriarch, Richard M. DeVos Sr., who died last month, founded Amway, a home and health multilevel marketing company that is frequently accused of being a legalized pyramid scheme. But if it was a con, the elder DeVos got away with it and became a billionaire, then repaid America by bankrolling the Republican Party. In 1991, DeVos bought the NBA's Orlando Magic, one of the absolute saddest and bleakest sports franchises in America.

He had four kids: Dick Jr., Dan, Doug, and Suzanne. Dick Jr. married Betsy, a Christian fundamentalist whom President Trump appointed to serve as U.S. secretary of education despite her having never attended public school. The appointment was seen as a thank-you from the GOP to the DeVos family for years of political donations.

Betsy DeVos has since proposed rules making it more difficult for students who borrow college loans, revoked rules protecting students with disabilities, hamstrung investigations into scammy for-profit colleges that prey upon the poor, and passed rules protecting students who are accused of sexual assault. Her interest in "school choice" is largely assumed to be a way for her to funnel public funds to private Christian schools.

Betsy's brother, Erik Prince, is famous for founding Blackwater, a private mercenary army that had to change its name to "Academi" after four Blackwater guards were convicted of murdering 14 Iraqi civilians in a 2007 massacre. Good people all around!

On October 11, Dick Jr., Dan, Doug, and Suzanne all dumped $50,000 each into DeSantis' PAC. It's not stunning that the DeVos clan would throw its weight behind DeSantis: The elder DeVos was a far-right reactionary who supported the anti-LGBTQ Christian group Focus on the Family and was the president of the Council for National Policy, a groups founded by a fundamentalist Baptist pastor, as well as many John Birch Society conspiracy theorists. The group is described as an ultrasecretive collection of some of the most powerful conservatives in the nation, including Iran-Contra figurehead and current NRA president Oliver North, as well as Betsy DeVos' dad, Edgar Prince.

DeSantis — who has no real driving platform other than being white, hanging out with racists and homophobes, and genuflecting to Donald Trump — is the perfect candidate for the DeVos family. He's happy to wax poetic about so-called freedom and boast about his Roman Catholic values. What more do billionaire Christian lunatics need?

According to Florida Politics, DeSantis as of October 5 (before the DeVos donation and others) had about $6.6 million on hand between his campaign account and associated PAC. His opponent, Andrew Gillum, had slightly more with $7.6 million.