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Classic Films in Miami: All the Spooky Stories Coming to Local Cinemas

Psycho, showing at Bill Cosford Cinema this month.
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Psycho, showing at Bill Cosford Cinema this month.
It’s a real American horror story when there aren’t any good events in town. But Miami has plenty this October for you to explore, especially if you’re into cinema. Spend every night that isn’t Halloween (and, well, maybe Halloween too) in a movie theater this season and spread the fear. Here’s what’s in store for in the world of classic cinema this month.

Bill Cosford Cinema. Flaming Classics at the Bill Cosford Cinema has dedicated the month of October to celebrate one of cinema’s best directors: Alfred Hitchcock. Queer Fear, their series of Hitchcock films, began with a screening of Rebecca accompanied by a performance by Miss Toto and FKA Twink. Coming up the rest of the month, it has a screening of Rope on 35mm on October 14 with a performance by Ded Cooter and King Femme, a screening of Stage Fright on October 21 with a performance by Patent Pending, and a 35mm screening of Psycho on October 28 with a performance by Azula Faux Sapphire and Persephone Von Lips.
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Coral Gables Art Cinema. After Hours at Coral Gables Art Cinema kicked off the month with a screening of Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and will keep the month going with some more horrifying wonders. 28 Days Later will screen on October 13, a 4K restoration of The Hills Have Eyes screens on October 20, and a 4K restoration of Suspiria plays on October 27.

The cinema also has plenty of programming outside of its midnight series, including a screening of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev on October 10, and two showings of Ernest & Celestine on October 13 and 14 as part of Family Day on Aragon.

You can also check out a screening of All the President’s Men on October 30, with a special introduction by Miami Herald writer Rene Rodriguez. He will also moderate a conversation with former Miami Herald publisher and author of the newly published memoir A Dedicated Life, David Lawrence Jr., and current Miami Herald investigative reporters and Pulitzer Prize-winners Casey Frank, Carol Marbin Miller, and Nicholas Nehamas about journalism and the importance of a free press in today’s world of fake news and partisan politics.
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An autographed photo of Simone Simon promoting Cat People
Miami Beach Cinematheque Archive
Miami Beach Cinematheque. Two 4K restorations hit the Miami Beach Cinematheque this October, coming all the way from the 1940s. October brings us a screening of Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves on October 18, paired with a peek at the newly created Neorealist gallery of the MB Cinema archive (part of the Interactive Archive Project). And October 24 brings us a celebration of Val Lewton with the wonderful Cat People.
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Dimension Films
Nite Owl Theater. October has started off strong at Nite Owl Theater, with films like The Gates of Hell, Color Me Blood Red, Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, The Beyond, Wizard of Gore, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Moonshine Mountain, and The House by the Cemetery having already played. But there’s plenty more to see there this month.

On October 11, there’s Video Violence and Slumber Party Massacre. On the 12th, Eyes of Fire and Hellraiser on 35mm. On the 13th, they’ve got Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Pieces, and Hellraiser on 35mm. On the 14th, there's Funland, Alucarda, and Hellraiser on 35mm. On the 15th, there's Pieces and Hellraiser on 35mm.

Sliding into the next week, its got The Stuff and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark on October 18; followed by Scary Movie, Brain Damage, and Blood Diner on October 19. Following that is House, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, and Spookies on October 20; and screenings of The Stuff, Scary Movie, and Clown House on October 21. House and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark both show again on October 22.

The week leading up to Halloween packs a wallop: Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare and Day of the Dead on October 25, followed by Nosferatu, Day of the Dead and Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 26. Saturday, October 27, not only features Nosferatu, Scream on 35mm, and Terror in the Aisles, but Nite Owl Theater's well-known Up All Nite series with 12 hours of horror movies. This year's collection of films has yet to be announced.

Terror in the Aisles and Scream on 35mm show on October 28, Day of the Dead and Scream on 35mm show again on October 29, Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare and City of the Living Dead show on October 30, and Halloween itself brings us screenings of Munster, Go Home and Munsters Revenge, as well as Mad Monster Party and Halloweentown.
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Hocus Pocus
O Cinema. If you missed the 4K restoration of Halloween earlier this month at O Cinema, no need to worry. O has some thrills for you in store at both their Wynwood and Miami Beach locations.

Over at O Cinema Miami Beach, you can catch one or two screenings of everyone's favorite Hocus Pocus, presented in partnership with Flaming Classics. October 13 is a night showing with a performance by Andro Gin and October 14 brings a matinee family-friendly performance by Jupiter Velvet. A week later, on October 20, O Cinema's annual tradition of screening The Rocky Horror Picture Show is happening, hosted by Persephone Von Lips.

At O Cinema Wynwood, you can catch a new restoration of Don Coscarelli's Phantasm on October 26 as part of its Bizzro series.
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Night of the Living Dead
SoundScape Park at the New World Center. Now that summer is over, the free Cinema Series at SoundScape Park has kicked off again this year and with it comes a new collection of classics paired with the occasional recent release. This month features three classic films, of which you hopefully didn't miss the kick-off screening of The Neverending Story last week. On October 17, there's a 70th-anniversary screening of Powell & Pressburger's The Red Shoes, and on October 31 there's a 50th-anniversary screening of George Romero's The Night of the Living Dead