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M.I.A. Beer Company Offers a 54-Beer Flight for $100

Courtesy Julia Rose Photography
M.I.A. Beer Company taproom.
M.I.A. Beer Company is known for its abundance and variety of house beers created by head brewer Michael Demetrus. Now all of them, plus others, are available to try in a flight of 54 beers for $100.

Flights offer an array of options poured in small samples. Typically arranged in a row or circle on some sort of wooden paddle, they're the sampler plates of the beer world.

The mother of all flights is the Flight Club, inspired by the movie Fight Club. It's M.I.A.'s entire menu — all 54 beers — poured in five-ounce tastes.

M.I.A. operations manager Kathleen Fleming says the flight is designed for at least four people to share. There's nothing stopping one person from tackling this beast alone, though she doesn't recommend it.

Fleming says the Flight Club was inspired by Brandon Parker, a former employee of Bangin' Banjo Brewing Co. in Pompano Beach, who was the first to suggest the beer flight. She says Parker would try the flight with at least three other people.

It's not a club without a rewards program. Fleming says the brewery is designing a card resembling the pink soap bar from the poster art of Fight Club. The card will contain 54 squares, which can either be filled with stamps or hole-punched and redeemed for a reward.

And what's a reward if it doesn't involve more beer? Hand in the completed card for a free crowler of any M.I.A. beer. However, drinking more suds after pounding 54 five-ounce samples might not seem very appealing.

"It's understandable you're beered out and you don't want to drink a crowler that night," Fleming says. "We're not trying to get people wasted."

The tap list includes all of M.I.A.'s flagships, seasonals, and one-offs. The official draft list is developed Thursday and published Friday, Fleming says. It includes guest taps from other breweries, M.I.A.'s HRD WTR beverages, and at least one cider on draft. Each beer is listed with its alcohol content and ingredients, including any allergens.

Beers are constantly rotating. Thanks to Demetrus, the tap list is refreshed with new beers. He typically brews anywhere from two to four beers a month, Fleming says.

"He's constantly experimenting and always doing something new."

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