Ask a Stoner: Are There Strains That Will Help With Arousal?

Dear Stoner: I hear there are certain strains that help with arousal. Is that true?
Ricky Rick

Dear Rick: Hey, if you think there’s a certain strain that helps you keep it up or keep it going, then buy up as much as you can. It’s probably the placebo effect, but whatever works. Unfortunately, there’s no study linking marijuana consumption with increased blood flow to your johnson or boosts in sexual hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. In fact, anecdotal evidence on marijuana arousal is about 50/50, with some people reporting an increased sex drive and others saying just the opposite. For many users, it depends on the strain and their personal reaction to it.

Experienced pot smokers probably aren’t surprised to hear this: Some strains make you tired, and others crank you up, and energy level has an undeniable connection to sex drive. And while there’s no real scientific evidence connecting marijuana to arousal, it can still play a major role in how turned-on you get. Some strains increase your sense of euphoria and your heart rate, both of which heighten the pleasure and performance factors of sex, while others cause drowsiness and sedate the body. So, no, smoking a magical strain won’t make your hot neighbor take her clothes off, but it can make it that much more enjoyable if she does.

Dear Stoner: I just heard about Foria, some marijuana oil claiming to enhance a female’s sex life. Is it basically female Viagra that also gets me high down there?

Dear Brittany: I’m still looking for a girlfriend who will help me with hands-on research, but reviews of Foria describe it as more of a sex enhancer than a magic arousal lube. According to Foria’s website, the potion is made with coconut oil and solventless cannabis oil, so a two-milligram serving sprayed in your mouth will eventually give you a high similar to that of tinctures or edibles — but its main area of application is downstairs. Women who’ve used Foria describe it as having moderately to significantly enhanced their sex lives while providing new sensations in bed — both with a partner and riding solo. However, for the most part, their vaginas were left disappointingly sober.

To Foria’s credit, its website says the oil’s effects are more about getting you off than getting you high; while some people use it as lubricant, for maximum effect it should be applied to your nether parts 30 minutes before you have sex. And even if it’s not as uplifting as Viagra, at the very worst, it’s a jar of edible sex oil that you can spray in your mouth for a good buzz.
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