Photo by Carla Torres

Station 28 Bistro

When Sharon Morla was growing up in Lima's San Isidro neighborhood, she would often tease a fistful of nuevo soles out of her parents and avoid her sister and friends while scouring the streets for her favorite carrito sanguchero. For Morla, now 39, it was the burger cart at the end of the rainbow. "It was crazy; it was huge," she recalls of the sandwich. "There was egg, potato sticks, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and too many sauces — spicy sauces, red sauce, pink sauce, yellow sauce." Downtown Miami's Station 28 Peruvian Hamburgers & Sandwiches offers a replica of that burger alongside an array of the regional sandwiches that have become legendary in Morla's home country. Every visit should include crackly chicharrones stuffed inside the love child of a crunchy baguette and a dense, fluffy focaccia. Each bite comes flecked with fried bits of sweet potato and tart salsa criolla made with sliced red onion, ají amarillo, cilantro, lime juice, and vinegar.


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