Lure Fishbar

Located inside the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Lure Fishbar doesn't get too creative with its fish. This is where women in patent-leather pumps nibble crab cakes while men in Tommy Bahama shirts wash down tempura shrimp with nautically themed drinks. Where Lure sets itself apart is in its sourcing. Grilled whole daurade β€” a petite silver fish served tail- and head-on β€” needs nothing more than its accompanying watercress and charred lemon. And though it might sound austere, this daurade succeeds on its own, devoid of any unnecessary diversions. Lure is certainly not new to the seafood business. The restaurant's flagship resides in SoHo, where chef Josh Capon has attracted streams of fish-loving clientele for years. South Beach is the first outpost outside New York, and the menu includes the compulsory South Beach roll, packed with salmon, cream cheese, mango sauce, and crisp tempura flakes. Lure's fresh fish can cost you, but it can be truly great.

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