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Los Tres Amigos

A little slice of Mexico across the street from the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner. Not that that has any significance, other than Los Tres Amigos certainly has been a welcome addition to the lunch possibilities for all the hard-working medical types in the Jackson Memorial Hospital area. This little restaurant and take-out window is the kind of place you virtually never see in Miami: It really looks Mexican inside, Selena plays on the jukebox, and the food really is Mexican/Tex-Mex. You can order the usual burritos -- chicken, beef, refried beans, and cheese -- as well as the superdeluxe Los Tres Amigos, a fat package of beef, pork, and chicken. Each taco is constructed with two soft tortillas instead of one. The marinated pieces of grilled sirloin are gilded with chopped onions and cilantro. Apply red or green hot sauce as needed. Other varieties: pork chunks cooked in a dry pepper sauce (al pastor), chorizo, or shredded chicken, all cooked with Mexican herbs. Or try top-of-the-line tacos: beef tongue, tripe, jerky beef, or goat meat with avocado leaves.Read more.