Photo courtesy of La Cocina

La Cocina

Beyond the Catskills-meets-Hialeah vibe of Stephen's Deli, owner Matt Kuscher has opened La Cocina, a 40-seat bar that's accessed through a corridor past the restrooms. The space is decorated in what can best be described as "Hialeah squared." Lotto tickets and La Caja China labels serve as wallpaper, and never have so many pieces of Hialeah memorabilia been assembled in one place. Did anyone ever know of (or actually own) a genuine Hialeah Racetrack board game, for instance? Cocktails at this kitschy tribute to "La Ciudad Que Progresa" include Miami-fied versions of classic drinks. The Moscow mule, for example, is transformed into El Burrito Sabanero — a mix of vodka, ginger beer, and passionfruit — and a Missionary's Downfall becomes a Pots and Pans when made with Club Caribe rum, pineapple, and mint.