The Move-Ment / Be Here Now

The Move-Ment / Be Here Now

The Movement


Past Event

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Roam Miami
118 SW South River Dr.
Miami, FL  33130
THE MOVE-MENT / BE HERE NOW EXPERIENCE is a thoughtfully curated, all-day mindfulness experience, teaching tools to fully access the present moment, to help people discover ways to be fully present in the here and now through elevated everyday experiences like meditation, movement, yoga, music, etc.  Learn How to Use Proven Mindfulness Techniques Guaranteed to Help Positively Impact Your Life, help you Live a More Balanced & Happier Life! and meet other like-minded people. There will be creative opportunities for people to interact with each other.  Participants will explore new tools for being in the moment including: mini sessions in the Coaching Garden, yoga, meditation, music and dancing at the Move-Ment stage, kid-friendly activities at Move-Ment Kids, guided meditation in the Meditation Temple, and shopping in the Conscious Market.


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