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176 NW 24th St.
Miami, FL  33127
There’s nothing freakier and more fascinating than learning about the science of human experimentation. Highlighting the heights of this weirdness, Nerd Nite Miami presents its latest installment, where nerds can mingle over their shared love of knowledge, scholarly lectures, and tasty beer. Dean Lyon will kick things off with “A Look at the Uncanny Valley,” a talk about the term coined in 1970 by the Japanese scientist involved in creating humanoid robots to describe the eerie sensation one gets when experiencing a “not-quite-right” representation of a human being. More simply put, it’s why most of us think cartoon robots are cute while realistic robots are creepy as hell. From there, Amanda Butler will take the reins with “The Future of IVF: Flirting With the Limits,” a look at the strides made in the practice of in vitro fertilization technology and its future. The night will conclude on a nostalgic note with John Gulla’s “How Playing Board Games Can Save Your Life,” which will explore the recent significant increase in board game popularity worldwide and modern additions to the playful industry. Nerd Nite Miami begins at 7 p.m. Thursday at Gramps (176 NW 24th St., Miami). Admission is free. Call 305-699-2669 or visit

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