Miami Jewish Film Festival Day 9: Hummus: The Movie


Past Event
General Admission - $13

Location Info:

Temple Beth Am
5950 SW 88th St
Miami, FL  33156
If you love hummus, you’ll love its history! Travel around the world, across religious and cultural divides, to discover the origins of the nutritious chickpea dish and meet a diverse group of hummus disciples. Universally consumed and found in at least 25% of all U.S. households, it's safe to say hummus, a spread made from chickpeas and tahini, is a delicious staple of worldwide cuisine. This documentary takes us to Israel, which claims the food as its own, to meet three passionate hummus aficionados and hear their stories. Combining the stories of each individual’s personal journey with historical hummus facts and delicious footage of the hummus-making process, director Oren Rosenfeld's documentary shows how the food has positively affected Israeli culture—and is even able to transcend religious and political divides.

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