Make-a-Mojito Cocktail Class + 4/20 Fiesta

Make-a-Mojito Cocktail Class + 4/20 Fiesta

Drinkhouse Fire and Ice

Learn how to muddle, stir and shake the Cuban way… Join us for a boozy cocktail class… Learn how to make Miami’s favorite summertime cocktail, the famous Mojito… The class includes cocktail history, shaking, making and tasting! After sipping one of our unique cocktails upon arrival, you’ll then be given step by step instructions on how to make your own custom boozy concoction while taste testing variations of Rum. As the liquid confidence sets in guests will be given the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of herbs and tinctures while creating and naming your custom cocktail (P.S. best cocktail wins free ice bar entry!) Following our intoxicatingly fun class guests are encouraged to visit our 100,000 pound ice bar, where you get to wear designer faux fur coats, hats and gloves while sipping delicious libations from real ice glasses! Includes: 2 Complimentary Cocktails Taste Testing of Rum Where to Park? Don't! Take Uber! If you have a designated driver click here for parking suggestions! Cost? $35 per person - cocktail class only $45 per person - cocktail class + Ice Bar entry (includes use of fur coats, gloves, etc.) $100 per couple - 2 cocktail class seats + 2 Ice Bar entries (includes use of fur coats, gloves, etc.) + 1 Ice Bar cocktail per person Please note: tax and service will be charged upon arrival Get Your Tickets Today! P.S. You will be tipsy, take Uber! Looking for more fun?! Following the cocktail class, you will have complimentary access to the 4/20 inspired party... It will be a unique social gathering in celebration of the highest of holidays! Expect good vibes with several local vendors, special treats, functional glass art, unique craft cocktails, music and much more!
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