Get Mic'd Group Karaoke

Get Mic'd Group Karaoke

Silent Revolution "Get Mic'd" Group Karaoke at K.Ramen.Burger.Beer


2019-02-12 22:00:00
10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. every Tue.
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Wait! Did someone say karaoke on a Tuesday? Can you think of another, cooler way to revive a dull night? Get your fix of New York City’s authentic Chinatown tastes along that stretch of beach along Miami’s coastline at K Ramen, inside the Townhouse Hotel. The Take Poke is delicious and their Lobster Ramen will curl your toes, but nothing will make your friends’ night quite like watching you croon “Don't Stop Believing” with the rest of the audience. With our new twist on Karaoke -- or as we call it "Revolutionized Karaoke" --you have the chance to engage the audience at the tables that are already mic'd up. Can you say "back up singers"? Yes! During the breaks, your table can battle it out with the folks sitting next to you as the deejay plays videos with lyrics on the big screen. It's karaoke done the Silent Revolution way. Our consolation for getting on stage and tackling your songbird fears? We give you a drink ticket for a free glass of Japanese wine or a bottle imported beer ... because you earned it. As your liquid courage increases with each track, so does the fun! Tuesday nights just got more real.

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