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You have not seen a flea market until you've visited the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale. This place is nothing short of a spectacle, with nearly 2,000 vendors selling anything and everything on God's green earth. The Swap Shop is open seven days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.), but the heart of the action happens on weekends. Things to check out: the expansive produce area, the indoor food court, and even a drive-in movie when the entire space is transformed into a 14-screen outdoor theater at night. The Swap Shop has been going strong since the '60s — it remains a South Florida icon and must-see.

Chances are, if you're visiting a pawnshop, the best-case scenario is you want your spring cleaning to be profitable. The worst case: You're desperately in need of cash and are willing to part with your left foot until you get in better financial shape. It's easy for pawnbrokers to take advantage of their customers, but Sergio of Cash Now Jewelry & Pawn doesn't do that. Instead, he and his team will walk you through the process of pawning and give you an excellent price for your valuables. Then they'll lock your stuff away in a bank vault until you're ready and able to collect. The shop also buys and sells jewelry and other items, so if you're looking for a gently used diving watch or a pre-owned chain, stop by.

Sometimes great things come in small packages. Not every liquor store needs to look like an airplane hangar or have attractive models at the end of each aisle asking if you want to try the newest Bud Light Rita flavor. Sometimes you just want a locally owned corner store that treats you as if you matter. That's what Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar is all about. The place offers a great selection, friendly customer service, convenient locations, and, most important, zero hassle. You get in and out, with no frills or long lines. You don't need a membership card or special coupon to get a deal here either. The prices are always on point. At the end of the day, we're all looking for the same thing out of a liquor-store experience: new and exciting choices at decent prices. Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar is a diamond in the rough and an excellent alternative to the chain liquor stores that don't concentrate on customers.

Courtesy of Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Miami is home to a heaping handful of cigar shops boasting the latest sticks from the most respected brands. But few spots offer the buyers' choice of delicious beverage pairing with their cigar selection. On that front, Prime Cigar has the competition beat. Along with stocking dozens of brands in its enormous, walk-in humidor, Prime offers a full bar specializing in whiskey — more than 50 kinds, originating from Kentucky to Canada to Japan. It also has a decent wine list and more than a dozen craft brews. But can you even taste your drink in a smoky cigar bar, you ask? Not a problem, thanks to the bar's air-control system, which ensures patrons never sit in a cloud of their own making.

Believe it or not, vaping was not invented to annoy people by blowing candy-flavored smoke in their faces. Before it was a semi-ironic fad, e-cigarettes were meant to help people kick their smoking habit. It's only now that a vast community has sprung up around vaping, with millions of people and dozens of companies dedicated to modifying vaporizers and producing new flavors of e-liquid to plug in and smoke. It's extremely confusing, which is why the fine folks at Vapor Life are here to help. They carry products for every level of vaping enthusiast, whether you're a chronic cigarette smoker looking for a starter kit to help break the habit or an aficionado wanting to take it to the next level.

People will travel great distances for good customer service. For proof, look no further than All Import Tech, whose Yelp page is full of reviews from people who've driven from as far as Delray Beach to get their auto problems fixed. The owner, Julio, is a consummate professional who's willing to get down and dirty to keep patrons happy. Rather than try to upcharge you on unnecessary repairs, he'll explain what's wrong with your car and offer a reasonable price. Then, while you wait in the comfortable lobby, the team will go to work and make sure your automobile is in perfect working order. Driving is a part of life in Miami, and All Import Tech makes sure it's not more of a hassle than it needs to be.

Sometimes you just want your car washed without it being an ordeal. At Busy Bee's three Miami-Dade locations, economy car washes start at $6, and you can zip in and out without getting out of your vehicle. Monday through Thursday, Busy Bee offers happy-hour discounts from 6 to 8 p.m., and if you're the type of person who prefers regular washes, you can stop by every day for a monthly fee of $19.99. Employees are always around to assist with complimentary vacuum stations, air for your tires, and a free wash on your birthday. The place is friendly on the wallet too.

Courtesy of Leap for Ladies

Dragonfly is everything you want in a thrift shop — a clean space, a wide selection, and friendly service. At this recently opened store in Little Havana, you'll find everything from Prada heels to vintage glassware to gently worn staples from familiar brands such as Tory Burch and Madewell. But on top of that, you'll also be supporting a great local cause. Every cent of the proceeds from sales at Dragonfly goes to supporting the work of LEAP, a local nonprofit that works with women as they transition back into society from jail or prison. More important, the thrift store gives those women a place to earn an income and gain on-the-job skills. So go pick up some retro scarves or a pair of upholstered chairs — in this case, it really is retail therapy.

Courtesy of Natural K9 Supplies

Natural K9 Supplies is basically Whole Foods Market for your dog. But where you can usually get away with eating generic frosted flakes instead of the organic kind that costs twice the price, you really ought to shell out to make sure your pets are getting quality ingredients in their meals and treats. Pet food, after all, can be filled with all sorts of dangerous garbage. Not so at Natural K9: If your dog has stomach problems, you bet the staff will be able to help find a food that agrees with your furry pal's stomach. You can guarantee that bones and chew toys don't come from some radioactive factory in a former Soviet republic. (Natural K9 also takes online orders if you can't get to the store.) And if your dog has the sort of halitosis that can melt tempered steel, the store offers non-anesthetic dental cleaning, which means you can protect your pup's teeth without putting him or her under. Said cleaning trip doubles as an adorable photo shoot of your dog at the dentist.

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"New haircut who dis?" That's the text many Kendall dog owners are receiving from their pups these days. Don't be alarmed — they're just living the #pamperedlife. A trip to this friendly neighborhood shop will not only leave your dog feeling sassy AF but also make them squeaky clean after a salon and spa treatment (the Bubbles package starts at $30, and the Royal starts at $50). We all know Fido deserves the Royal package, which includes aromatherapy shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, an ear cleaning and pluck, a nail trim and buff for those daggers, anal gland expression, blow dry and fluff, perfume or cologne, and a styled haircut. Don't worry — everyone is family here, no matter how gnarly. Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa also offers cage-free boarding and daycare, pet supplies, and non-anesthetic dental cleaning that'll leave their mouths smelling better than their butts. Hear that? It's the sound of your pup talking like a high-pitched baby after its Paris Hilton-like treatment. All Fluffy needs is the diamond-encrusted collar — ahem, necklace. Treat your dog to the good life Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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