• @TarpleyHitt
    16 August, 2018

    RT @AndrewDFish: 130 Chicago officers account for 29 percent of police shootings. While more than 95 percent of all Chicago police officers…

  • @TarpleyHitt
    10 August, 2018

    RT @thedailybeast: Crystal Rogers disappeared after a quick run to Walmart. Her father was shot dead as he searched for her. Their murders…

  • @TarpleyHitt
    7 August, 2018

    RT @jessicalipscomb: In Broward, Florida's new "red flag" law has taken guns away from two licensed security officers, a white supremacist…

  • @TarpleyHitt
    2 August, 2018

    soundcloud staple @Pouyalilpou, who came up as one half of a nominally goofy rap duo, was accused of orchestrating… https://t.co/6v1qekwqY3

  • @TarpleyHitt
    1 August, 2018

    @corndoglord hey, I have a q about Ellie. if you have a second this morning, shoot me a DM or an email at tarpley.hitt@thedailybeast.com


Tarpley Hitt

Tarpley Hitt

Tarpley Hitt is an editorial intern at Miami New Times.

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