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  • On the remote Uruguayan seaside, Alex’s parents have sequestered their daughter away, hoping to keep her secret hidden from the world. That secret is a “difference,” betrayed in Alex’s sketchbook of Henry...

  • On the Road has lost much of its secret-society thrill over the years, making it the inevitable screen adaptation's job to resuscitate. And now Jack Kerouac's Discover America story has been filmed, written for the screen by Puerto Rican...

  • Spend some time among a gallery of noble busts depicting Roman Senators, and familiar faces begin to emerge among the ancient marble: The mechanic, an uncle, a politician from TV . . . and the racketeer from the newspaper. It's this last...

  • 7 years ago | Film Reviews

    No Movie Review: Chile's Admen Versus Pinochet

  • In 1988, the fate of Chile and its dictator came down to a ballot as simple as a middle-schooler's do-you-like-me? note. A referendum, demanded by international pressure, offered citizens a simple choice: a "yes" for allowing President...

  • Although based on a prose Web serial by David Wong, the pseudonym of Jason Pargin, John Dies at the End feels remarkably like the work of a sensibility frozen at about 1996. Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes combat supernatural happenings...

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