• @mintamolly
    15 September, 2019

    @sojournjones @tealitmag Looks like the video has been uploaded to the Sun’s YouTube channel, but not sure if that… https://t.co/WnqJDy1AFt

  • @mintamolly
    11 September, 2019

    this morning on the train a baby pointed at me and gurgled :)

  • @mintamolly
    2 September, 2019

    saw this video reposted somewhere without the caption and immediately knew this man was from good ol brevard county… https://t.co/5dZDPFoTk1

  • @mintamolly
    1 September, 2019

    RT @PBCTenantsUnion: Calling all allies, the tenants of Stonybrook need emergency support for Hurricane Dorian right now! In 2017, this sec…

  • @mintamolly
    31 August, 2019

    RT @miatenants: https://t.co/Fl81JRwLM8


Molly Minta

Molly Minta

Molly Minta is an intern at the New Times.

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