• @maureenaimee
    9 November, 2019

    RT @Chippendales: When you say “YES” your friends say “VEGAS”! 🥂 Who’s planning to celebrate their #bacheloretteparty at @Chippendales in #…

  • @maureenaimee
    31 October, 2019

    RT @EBGBiz: Just another spooky day at the @EBGBiz Aventura office! 👻 Happy Halloween from our work family to yours! 🦇 https://t.co/vYICISR…

  • @maureenaimee
    5 April, 2019

    RT @EBGBiz: A team that runs together, stays together! Congrats to our @EBGBiz Aventura crew for finishing the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run…

  • @maureenaimee
    1 February, 2019

    Heart & soul ❤️ #2019 https://t.co/roAmgbgIiN

  • @maureenaimee
    1 February, 2019

    RT @EBGBiz: As the first month of 2019 comes to a close, @EBGBiz is off to a great start! Have you been sticking to your goals? You got thi…


Maureen Aimee Mariano


Maureen Aimee Mariano is a freelance food writer for Miami New Times. She earned a bachelor of science in journalism from the University of Florida before making her way back to the 305, the city that first fueled her insatiable appetite.

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    The competition for Miami’s favorite fried food is nothing short of fierce. Seemingly endless variations and regional styles of the quintessential croqueta are sold from street carts, high-end restaurants, and beyond. They’re inescapable. Yet who ...

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    Although the West Coast reigns supreme when it comes to infinite variations and regional styles of Mexico’s beloved street food, Miami’s taco scene continues to soar with an ambitious mix of modern Mexican spots and under-the-radar mom-and-pop taq...

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    Here are Miami’s ten best sushi-centric spot offering out-of-this-world omakase (chef’s choice) menus, wildly creative sushi rolls, plump hand rolls, and freshly sliced sashimi for every kind of palate and budget, all available without a passport.

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    Food trends come and go, but one dish has earned a loyal, satisfied following. It’s simplicity at its best: a tender, flavorful steak.

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    Coconut Grove boasts a culinary scene as rich and diverse as its history.

  • 10 months ago | Lists

    No marriage is perfect, but there’s always an exception. Take, for example, the flawless union of stunning waterfront views and stellar meals. This kind of merger — harmonious and infinitely enchanting — is surprisingly scarce in Miami. After all,...

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