Malcolm Lauredo


Malcolm Lauredo is a historian based in Miami. He's the director of historic research and the lead historian at the Coral Gables Museum.

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  • 3 months ago | History

    Until the mid-'50s, Miami's definitive shopping district was nestled on bustling Flagler Street in downtown. Many amenities standard in today's shopping malls could be found there: department stores (most important, the Burdines on South Miami Ave...

  • 8 months ago | History

    Founded in 1930, Publix is an anchor in the Florida experience. It’s one of the few stores where millions of people of all ages have shopped their entire lives. Sure, it’s filled to the brim with food, but it’s also a piece of local history.

  • 10 months ago | History

    In June of 1979, during a break in Ted Bundy’s murder trial, Judge Edward Cowart walked into a room tangled with wires, screens, and television lights five floors above his courtroom in the Miami Metropolitan Justice Building. “It was really somet...

  • 10 months ago | History

    When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. landed in Miami in April of 1966, he didn't exactly receive a warm welcome. In describing his arrival to the Magic City, Dr. King said he was met with both “hostility and alienation.” Today, 50 years after his untim...

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