• @ByLuisGomez
    18 April, 2019

    RT @HBO: .@GameofThrones co-creator David Benioff challenged Jason Momoa to the slap game. This is what happens when you face the Khal. h…

  • @ByLuisGomez
    9 April, 2019

    RT @darrenrovell: Ahead of @DwyaneWade's final regular season game, Budweiser delivers the most non-traditional tribute video. It's a must…

  • @ByLuisGomez
    7 April, 2019

    My heart was warmed. Beautiful moment. #Kofimania https://t.co/XIVuaOS2rQ

  • @ByLuisGomez
    28 March, 2019

    I heard that Lady Gaga "Shallow" song for the first time today while at a restaurant in Medellin. I say this all th… https://t.co/ncQPXGU1Iq

  • @ByLuisGomez
    19 March, 2019

    RT @Darius_DK: Everybody want to be rich but don’t nobody want to help you get it lol https://t.co/r1dGCto3oP


Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez left his life in Chicago to backpack around the world and has since dedicated himself to freelance writing, with Miami now his home base. You can read about his global adventures on his travel blog, Extra Underwear.

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