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  • 22 days ago | Film Reviews

    The actual 2018 Robin Hood remains a haphazard action thriller taking place sometime during the Crusades, with Taron Egerton basically reprising his breakout Kingsman role as a scrappy normie getting recruited and trained for skilled...

  • Imagine a 2018 Robin Hood done right: a real wealth-redistributing, anti-fascist hero fighting against a rich tyrant who uses political power to only get richer. That Robin Hood could have been a real hoot, some biting commentary...

  • 2 months ago | Film Reviews

    The depictions of drug and alcohol use, sex (Stevie getting it on with an older girl) and violence (both self-inflicted and by others) are difficult to watch, as Hill brings a fly-on-the-wall candor to his depiction of youth and the film’s era

  • Largely plotless, slice-of-life dramas often get described as "quiet," yet Mid90s, the largely plotless, slice-of-life drama from Jonah Hill (his first film as writer/director), is marked by violently loud moments and blaringly...

  • 2 months ago | Film Reviews

    Vives relies heavily on cliché cues, showing us the extent of Nina’s damage with scenes of her smoking cigarettes in the shower, puking backstage or making provocative sentiments about her abusive relationship: “keeps me from falling asleep during...

  • Within the first few minutes of All About Nina, the debut feature from writer-director Eva Vives, we get the highlight reel version of just who this Nina is through quickly strung glimpses of her stand-up routine: period jokes, punchlines...

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