Kat Bein

Kat Bein

Kat Bein is a freelance writer and has been described as this publication’s "senior millennial correspondent." She has an impressive, if unhealthy, knowledge of all things pop culture.

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  • 10 hours ago | Nightlife

    South Korea-born and Berlin-based DJ/producer Peggy Gou will make a repeat appearance at Club Space Friday, November 22, alongside German techno maven Sven Väth.

  • 2 months ago | Lists

    We can fight it all we want, but nothing will change Miami's identity as a party city. As long as it's pumping out great nightclubs like candy, the 305 will be known as one of the best places in the world to get wasted.

  • 8 months ago | Miami Music Week

    It's a frigid 22 degrees Fahrenheit in downtown Toronto. Gray sky hangs low over snow-slushed sidewalks, turning everything a dismal shade of urban slate. People are masses of jacket cloth hunched against the cold as they duck in and out of the Ca...

  • 9 months ago | Lists

    Life can be hard for a Miami club kid. It's not all champagne and bathroom-stall snow showers. Sometimes your favorite place is marked by developers and reduced to rubble overnight. Sometimes you love a place but no one else seems to care, and it ...

  • 9 months ago | Lists

    The days of Madonna sightings and Versace parties are gone, but the South Beach nightclub scene rages on. The players change and institutions come and go. Velvet ropes line the street, then vanish, only to return under new blinking signs. The musi...

  • 9 months ago | Concerts

    In today's world of status updates, fake news, and follower counts, it's easy to blur the boundaries of truth and illusion. We draw battle lines in the digital sand, but it's our relationship with ourselves that often takes the hardest hits. "Whet...

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