• @hannahgetshappy
    12 November, 2018

    If you wanna impact someone's life personally who lost everything in the #CaliforniaWildfires, this woman could use… https://t.co/CYsVVq2zPg

  • @hannahgetshappy
    10 November, 2018

    Ummm funny how these same folks were all on board in 2000 when a Florida recount favored their dude. 🙄 https://t.co/BCips21ash

  • @hannahgetshappy
    10 November, 2018

    Is it weird to anyone else that we spend a holiday of gratitude gathered around a tortured dead bird with bread stu… https://t.co/gPFlPXrOcN

  • @hannahgetshappy
    9 November, 2018

    Bacon Egg Breakfast Burger Named Best Veggie Burger in America https://t.co/60OBM7M2cn

  • @hannahgetshappy
    5 November, 2018

    RT @somevegangirl: If you're still wondering "what is vegan" -- or you have friends/family who are asking ... here's your answer. ;) https:…


Hannah Sentenac


Hannah Sentenac covers veg food, drink, pop culture, travel, and animal advocacy issues. She is also editor-in-chief of LatestVeganNews.com.

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