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  • A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. sets out to show that white people don't have the lock on movies about two strangers meeting on some glorious night and then seeing the sparks fly every which way. This film revolves around two Los Angeles-based...

  • 1 month ago | Film Reviews

    For a movie centered around the needless death of a child, Jalilvand (Wednesday, May 9) creates a heartbreaking but still hopeful story

  • Much like the work of his countrymen Asghar Farhadi and the late Abbas Kiarostami, writer-director Vahid Jalilvand's No Date, No Signature is a soberly made piece of melodramatic neorealism featuring just-trying-to-live characters who are...

  • Seeing Bruce Willis in the movies these days is damn embarrassing. The action icon appears to just wander into one to the next -- sometimes as a favor to someone working on the movie -- taking the phrase "phoning it in" to astonishing heights....

  • 4 months ago | Film Reviews

    Jay Longino’s sap-filled script turns Drew into a mythological Zen master, dispensing words of wisdom after living a life of solitude and regrets when he’s not chasing after buckets

  • If there is anything that the American public has been trained to loathe, it's old people. You've probably heard the complaints: They're wrinkly! They're set in their ways! They watch Fox News! Uncle Drew puts that much-reviled party front...

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