• @AndyHermannLA
    19 November, 2019

    This could use more explanation: "McClatchy’s pension plan is underfunded by about $535 million. The company asked… https://t.co/87bs8M5MBT

  • @AndyHermannLA
    18 November, 2019

    @AWolfeful You guys have a bobcat?? So cool. All we get in our corner of the neighborhood are coyotes and trash pandas.

  • @AndyHermannLA
    17 November, 2019

    @jlew8 #FakeNews

  • @AndyHermannLA
    15 November, 2019

    Researching a story about New Jack Swing. I know the big hits but what deep cuts should I absolutely not overlook?

  • @AndyHermannLA
    13 November, 2019

    @matthewbwake Rammstein, Diamanda Galas, Beyoncé.


Andy Hermann

Andy Hermann

Andy Hermann is a regular film contributor to the Village Voice,LA Weekly, Denver Westword, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Houston Press and Dallas Observer.

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