Zach Attack

His name is Zach Galifianakis, and you might recognize him as the schlub that Mike Tyson hilariously KO’d in Todd Phillips’s The Hangover. Or maybe you know him better as the blubbery dude from HBO’s new comedy, Bored to Death. Point is, a year ago, Galifianakis was just a hirsute heavyweight on NYC’s underground comedy scene; these days, he’s on the way to becoming America’s favorite fat guy.

This Monday, hit Sweat Records for an 8 p.m. screening of the Zach man’s lesser-known 2008 flick, Visioneers. Directed by Jared Drake, it’s a black comedy starring Galifianakis as George Washington Winsterhammerman, a deeply depressed drone for the dystopian Jeffers Corporation. One day, George’s co-workers begin exploding due to unhappiness, and it looks like he’s next. This is Galifianakis at his absurdist, occasionally spastic, and beardedly chubby best. The screening is free.
Mon., Oct. 19, 8 p.m., 2009
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S. Pajot