Yugo and Super Dave, Miami's Cheech and Chong, Need Money for Weed Movie

Cheech and Chong, The Dude, Smokey, Jay, Kumar. These are some of the great heroes of weed movie history. You can add Yugo and Super Dave to that list. They are Miami's own killer bud-smoking, Yugoslav rap bro, and Kentucky redneck answer to the stoner film genre. They're raising money for their feature film with director William Avnayim on Indie GoGo. All they need is $5,420 to produce their two new scripts: one for a short, and one for a feature.

The duo's epic stoner journey began back in 2009 with the 16 mm film short Killer Bud, a Casino meets Half Baked adventure where Yugo and Dave come home to a dead Cuban rent lady, find a joint in her mouth, and dump the body in the Everglades. We caught up with Yugo and Super Dave by video conference call and found

out about selling dub sacs, Kentucky Kush, their new movie, and

lighters with bottle openers.

New Times: Yeah weed, hell yeah, weed, smoke that shit, pass that shit around right?
Super Dave: Got that killer bud
Yugo: That killer bud, that killer bud.

What's the new movie?
You ever run out of weed and you gotta go to people you dont know and it sucks? We go to this crazy place to find some. It was hard times on the 4:20.

Whats up with that Kentucky Kush?
Super Dave is like a horticulture. They plant the seeds in Kentucky.

Why don't you get jobs and shit?
We get money like this. We got the bling. Living large. I got an RV I live in. I just need money for weed and gas and fast food. And I don't eat a lot, but I smoke a lot.  We call it the Molester Van. You can't park it near schools, it just ends up causing a lot of trouble. Hey man, don't be talkin about my van, man. We found it in the woods. I got the title and everything.

Why you let them film these movies on you?
William pays us in Killer Bud. He's good people. He's not going to make fun of or exploit. He does good for Yugo and Super Dave. He was like, 'I can't pay you, but I can smoke you out.'

Where you all know each other from?
I used to work at Auto Zone. I used to have a green Monte Carlo and I saw Yugo get out of one and I was like 'Ey man, cool car.' We both liked weed, and he talked kind of funny, but you know...

Ah don't let Dave fool you, I was in like Iroc with rusted doors. Yugo good with the cars, I have one named after me for Christ sakes.

What's up with the Indie GoGo?
We're trying to raise money for the film, like the first 20 minutes. We just want to spread the word and get some investors. If you donate we got these incentives. We got movies and lighters, and what's cool about the lighters is they're also beer openers, you can get a dub sac full of stuff for $20

How long you been smoking?
Ever since I could breathe. We smoke all kinds. We're not prejudiced, we smoke from all the crazy caves to outer space, we smoke it all, we just like the killer.

But don't come with that Mexican compressed bullshit....

He says he won't but he will.

I'll smoke it, but I'll get mad.

And now you do it for the fans...
I seen our sticker in the bathroom at Jazid. That's pretty cool.

Yugo love the America, I looking for greener fields, and I find them here.

Why do Goldfish crackers always smile?

Cause they're baked.

That was terrible joke Super Dave.

Help Yugo and SuperDave make their movie on their IndieGoGo page and connect with them on youtube, facebook, twitter,  and yugoandsuperdave.com

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