Your Guide to Meeting Hotties at the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament

When the Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament rolls into town this Saturday and Sunday, there will be hundreds of sexy, skin-flaunting women in a one block radius of 11th and Ocean on South Beach. And if you're the average guy, you won't have the skills to talk to any of them.

Luckily for you, Nina Agdal, who has modeled for Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, and was recently named Sport Illustrated's Rookie of the Year, is among them. She's also a fellow Miami resident who'll be signing autographs on Saturday at 2 p.m. And she knows what it takes to hold the attention of her picture-perfect peers.

So we asked Agdal for a few pointers to help readers looking to meet a Nina of their very own. Take it from the horse's -- or, should we say, show pony's? -- mouth and read on.

Name: Nina Agdal
Age: 20
Birth Place: Hillerød, Denmark
Current Hometown: Miami and NYC
Facebook Relationship Status: Single

Cultist: If you had a few tips for guys looking to meet a lady at the volleyball tournament, what should they do?
Agdal: Just show up. It's going to be a super-fun event. Models or not, you'll get the chance to meet a lot of new people.

What shouldn't they do?
Show up with a Wet Willie's cup in their hand.

What's the best wardrobe for such event?
Bathing suit and a cool T-shirt. Or, no shirt at all. Leave your fancy outfit at home.

If our readers strike out at the tournament, what other destinations should they try?
Definitely the beach.

So, what kind of man is Nina looking for?
I love when a guy has confidence. It just grabs my attention. I want him to catch the attention of everyone when he walks into a room. Humor is very important, too. If you can make me laugh and you laugh at my jokes too, you're already one step ahead. I can't deny that I love a pair of blue eyes. Those are killer to me!

Models stay in insane shape -- should the chubsters stay at home?
(Laughs) Of course not!

The Model Beach Volleyball Tournament takes place Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 11th and Ocean Drive, South Beach. The event is free. Visit

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