You’ll Fit in Just Fine

It wouldn't be far-fetched to say promoters are party connoisseurs. As far as the who, what, and where in club land is concerned, they know what's hot and what's not. So what happens when a well-connected nightlife impresario becomes disillusioned with the scene he helped create? He changes it. Such is the case with promoter Obi Tawil and his party, Misfits Fridays at Studio A.

“It's not about making money for me; it's about doing something that I enjoy,” says Tawil. And judging from this party, it seems the promoter enjoys dancing, getting rowdy, and cheap booze (five-dollar well drinks and three-dollar shots). Beginning tonight at 11:30, resident DJs Ross One, Captain Awesome, and Jus4kix (Tawil himself), will spin electro, Miami bass, hip-hop, and indie music. Admission is free with RSVP to [email protected], and five bucks otherwise. Tonight Los Angeles DJ Them Jeans will be rocking the party.
Fridays, 2007
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