You Could Win a Chance to be an Extra in Star Wars Episode VII

EVer since Episode VI back in 1983, fans have been waiting anxiously for the next installment, and now we know that we're just a little over a year away from Episode VII. With the most recent announcement of the newest cast members and now as filming has begun, the engines of that old Millennium Falcon are just starting to purr.

Miami even has its own little slice of relevance in the new film with native Oscar Isaac playing a "young Han Solo" type character.

But Isaac aside, now you have the chance - yes, YOU - to be a part of the soon-to-be legendary film.

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In a video from the Episode VII set in Abu Dhabi, director J.J. Abrams announced yesterday the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative, which will raise funds for the United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF) Innovation Labs. This project brings together Lucasfilms and Bad Robot.

After going on about how thrilled he is to be a part of the new film, how he's been a fan of the franchise since he was a kid, and how grateful he is for the fans, Abrams says, "We want to put you in the movie. In Star Wars."

"So starting today, we're going to give you a chance to win a trip -" he pauses to look at a character from the set that has casually stumbled into his video (i.e. a very nonchalant way to introduce a new creature from the universe) - "a trip, to be in the movie."

The contest is simple enough: donate to Force for Change via Omaze and get your name added into the fiery goblet (wrong fandom?).

The grand prize includes:

Airfare and accommodations to London for one winner and a guest

Behind-the-scenes access to the closed set of Star Wars: Episode VII as a VIP guest of J.J. Abrams

Winner will have the opportunity to meet members of the cast

Winner and their guest will then be transformed by makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character and filmed for a scene in Episode VII

Fer realsies, you can be in the movie and meet the cast and be Abrams' BFF for a day. Hashtag #dying.

Much like IndieGoGo, there are prizes associated with each monetary donation through Omaze. For the Force for Change campaign, there are 12 reward levels starting with a "supporter" role for $10 that garners you just one entry.

But if there's one thing Star Wars fans are known for, it's paying beaucoup bucks for replica suits or any sort of memorabilia. So for the big money ballers - and a handsome fee of only $50,000 - you can get yourself an advanced private screening of Star Wars: Episode VII "in or near" your hometown, with 20 guests permitted. Oh, and with that prize you'll also get 5,000 entries into the contest.

If you ask us, we'd rather dish out just $25,000 for a Jedi Master of the High Council prize pack, which includes 2,500 entries and an advanced screening of the film at Lucasfilm.

Among the other reward levels are various posters, concept art, signed scripts, replicas, and t-shirts. Even if you don't win the contest and get to rub elbows with Abrams (or Isaac), you can still get grab some goodies and feel good about yourself.

"The Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate and committed folks around the globe," said Abrams in a press release. "We're thrilled to offer a chance to come behind the scenes as our VIP guests and be in Star Wars: Episode VII. We're even more excited that by participating in this campaign, Star Wars fans will be helping children around the world through our collaboration with UNICEF Innovation Labs and projects."

The contest runs until July 18. Visit Omaze.com/StarWars or StarWars.com/ForceforChange.

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