You Could Just Write a Check

They say laughter is good exercise for the abs, but we haven’t yet found a chuckle that’ll transform our belly from a keg to a six-pack. What we do know is that a couple of hearty giggles are good medicine for the soul. And Friday night’s Comedy with a Purpose Tour is a twofer, helping to remove the dark cloud from your life while helping well-deserved youths who wish to add “college student” to their resumés.

At 8 p.m. — while J. Anthony Brown, Gary Owen, and Earthquake have you rolling in the aisles — the Tom Joyner Foundation will take a portion of ticket sales and add it to the scholarship funds at historically black colleges and universities. So go ahead and giggle at Melanie Comarcho’s dirty jokes, and make fun of Dubya along with Damon Williams, because it’s all for an awesome cause. Radio king Tom Joyner brings you the funny each morning on Hot 105, so return the favor and join a mix of comedy all-stars at the BankUnited Center.
Fri., Nov. 21, 2008
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Raina McLeod
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