Yo Soy

Perhaps the most intriguing exhibit in the artsy nabe can be found off Eighth Street at Estudio Potrony Fine Art. "Yo Soy Consciencia" ("I Am Conscience"), titled after a line from one of José Martí's poems, is a collaborative group show teaming professional artists with artists who have Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, or other mental condition.

Organized by award-winning filmmaker and documentarian Javier Echeverría and artist Radames Potrony, the show includes 27 participants, some of whom receive art therapy at Faye Clark's New Horizons in Hialeah. Captivating works on display include Shana Morris's portraits of friends, whose hair and jewelry are rendered in raucous riots of glitter. Enrique Ermus is represented by a haunting monochrome blue painting of an old Ford jalopy bobbing on the turbulent waves of the Florida Straits as its unseen passengers row toward the Miami coast. Another compelling piece, by artist Cesar Beltran, depicts Cuban apostle José Martí emblazoned across Old Glory. The image caused a ruckus a few years ago when it was first exhibited in a show at the Maxoly Gallery on Calle Ocho, where some lunatic shot out the space's front window in protest.
Mondays-Sundays. Starts: July 2. Continues through July 16, 2010
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus