Year-End Awards for 2010's Rising and Falling Stars, From Lea Beaulieu to Kat Stacks

What a year 2010 has been. Who knew in one year we would see so many make-ups, break-ups, and even a meat dress or two? And what about all the amazing gems that have entered our lives? Snooki, all the bitches on  Bad Girls Club, and the guy from "Double Dream Hands" video. How did we ever live without them? Even though we are sad to see 2010 go, we can only imagine what 2011 has in store for us. So to celebrate the goodness to come, here are 2010's best of the best. And well, the worst of the worst too.

Cultist Breakout Star of 2010: Lea Beaulieu
We had no idea this reality

starlet from Miami Beach would cause such a stir. Miss Beauliu's

interview has been one of the top rated on the site since August. Who

knew hipsters with alcoholism got people so excited?

Please Get Deported Award: Kat Stacks
It came out a few months ago

that Kat Stacks had been arrested for being an illegal immigrant. All we have to say about that is THANK GOD. Not sure who Kat Stacks is?

She is proud to fuck rappers. Yep, that is it. Watch here.

Most Likely to Inspire Envy: Taylor Swift
At 21, she's  won every award

under the sun and is one of the highest earning artists of 2010. She's also

dating Jake Gyllenhaal. Yeah, we're jealous.

Most Likely to Make Your Parents Disappointed in You: Mark Zuckerberg
Talk all the shit you want about him, but Mark

Zuckerberg is amazing. First, his net worth is $6.9 billion and he is

26. And let's not forget he gave us the best thing to ever happen to the

world: Facebook. And to celebrate his creation that now allows our mother to see

everything we are doing on the weekends, he was named Time Magazine's

Person of the Year. Sorry Mom and Pops, we're going another check this month so we can pay our rent.


Best Quote of the Year: "Who The Fuck Is Justin Bieber?" - Ozzy Osbourne

It's probably the best thing we have ever heard. While Justin's celebrity status

invades our life on the regular, the fact that Ozzy's crazy ass has no

idea who he is just awesome.

Best Celeb News of 2010: Miley Cyrus Smokes Weed
Before this, we're not going to

lie, Miley Cyrus annoyed the fuck out of us. She is 18 going on 38 and

has more money than we will make in a lifetime. But then a lovely video emerged that showed Miss Cyrus smoking

what she says is salvia. If that is Cyrus "Just being Miley," than we are

officially cool with her. Smoke on, child.

MOM! Put It Away Award: Lady in Red Track Suit Below
In the next few months, there is a good chance

your mother is going to bother you with either getting all up in

your business or multiple phone calls just to say she loves you. Just

as you are about to loose your shit, watch this video and be glad this isn't

your mama:


Best Import in 2010: Calvin Tran from Bravo's The Fashion Show

not really what he is saying or who he is, but just listening to him

speak makes us what to loosen our rules on border control.

Um... Not Shocking Award: A&E Cancels the Hoff's Show After Two Epsiodes

one wanted to watch the Hoff and his annoying daughters live their lives week after week? Weird. 


Person We'd Like to See Disappear in 2010: Charlie Sheen
Why is this man still allowed

to be famous? He shot one-time girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm in

1990. And also was named one of Heidi Fleiss's best clients at her brothel.

And he has dated two different porn stars: Ginger Lynn and Heather Hunter. What about the time both of his wives, Denise

Richards and Brooke Mueller, accused him of domestic abuse? And

this October he was found at the Plaza hotel in NYC with damage to

the room, $7,000 in cash, admitted to using cocaine and a hooker was

found locked in the bathroom. And all of this has still kept him as one

of the top paid actors of the year. Yeah, its time for him to get out

of here. Two and Half Men sucks.

Most Likely to Be Single by This Time Next Year Award: Jessica Simpson.
She and her current fiance Eric Johnson have been dating for seven months, and he

is unemployed. We look forward to seeing who she will be dating this time

next year.

The More You Know Award: Diddy's Ladies
All that being a video ho will get you is

less self-respect, knocked-up, and apparently, bodily harm. Take this as a warning,

ladies. If Diddy says he wants you to dance in one of his videos, just say no.

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