Yarmulkes and Catcher's Mitts

Though the Israel of today didn't exist in biblical times, the wise guys publicizing the new Israel Baseball League tryouts still went to the Good Book to hype the event, noting that the Rebecca of Genesis (24:45) knew something about using a bullpen: "Behold, Rebecca brought forth her pitcher." Beginning June 24, six teams will play a 45-game schedule. The teams are based over there, of course, but with Miami attorney Martin I. Berger serving as the league's player personnel director, it makes sense that Miami is one of three sites chosen for recruiting. Specifically watch the future "Yuds That Could" (again, that one's courtesy of IBL publicists) give it their best at Miami Country Day School. If you actually want to pay the $50 registration fee and try out, visit www.duquettesportsacademy.com. For other info, call 617-987-0635 or visit www.israelbaseballleague.com. We're not sure if Vegas is taking wagers on the first champion of IBL, but you gotta place a hunch bet on the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox.
Fri., Dec. 29
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Greg Baker