Wynwood Walls Expands with Seven New International Street Artists

Despite what you read on Yelp, Wynwood Walls is not any painted wall west of North Miami Avenue and south of 34th Street. It's a specific urban art park sandwiched between Joey's and Wynwood Kitchen on NW Second Ave. It began with 12 murals in 2009 under the direction of Tony Goldman and Jeffery Dietch. The pair also commissioned several works outside of this block by artists like Barry McGee and Swoon.

For this year's Art Basel festivities, Wynwood Walls is expanding further. New for 2011 are a pop-up gallery, a Wynwood Walls book, and T-shirts designed by wall artists. And who doesn't want a Kenny Sharf stretched tight across their beer paunch? Read on to see which seven street artists will decorate Miami's favorite public art nook in the coming months.

Joining Kenny Sharf, Jim Drain, and Shepard Fairey, seven new artists

will paint large mural inside the art park. Tony Goldman and the

project's art manager Meghan Coleman (as well as a small cadre of

artists and curators) selected USA artists Faile, Retna, the Date

Farmers, and How and Nosm, Mexico's Saner and Sego, Liqen from Spain and

b from Greece. Look for Faile's Roy Lichtenstein-esque designs, and

b's yellow-hued, whimsical forms that play with architectural


There will also be more murals outside of the official Wynwood Walls park with new  work by avaf, Nunca, Interesno Kazki (all the way from the

Ukraine), and Miami's own Friends With You.

Also new year is Shop the Walls, a pop-up gallery,

which is slated to open November 29, 2011. There you'll be able to browse and

buy artwork and T-shirts by Walls artists as well a new Wynwood Walls

book documenting the neighborhood's street art-fueled transformation.

Last year, Wynwood Doors, a series of rolling store doors,

opened next to Walls. Classic New York subway artists Phase II and Coco

144 adorned the space. This year, the doors, which are continually

bombed and tagged, will open to a new gallery space. On exhibit will be street artists Joe Grillo, Gaua, Vhils, Neuzz, and Interesni Kazki.

Lastly, the duo Haas and Hahn will team up with Miami International

University of Art & Design, DASH, and NWSA to paint large-scale

murals on 26th Street between NW Second and Fifth Avenues. For last

year's Graffiti Gone Global, Haas and Hahn erected shanty-like

structures, which served as their canvas. The 2010 project reflected their previous

collaborations with youth in the slums of Rio de Janeiro to

create colorful street art in the community.

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