Wynwood Walls Expands with Ron English and Dearraindrop

December is almost here. That means Art  Basel is coming to town. Just like everyday life, though, the action isn't happening in the halls of some lame convention center. It's on the streets of Miami. This year, Wynwood Walls, the public mural park established by Tony Goldman to help him make long-run money off evolving a neighborhood, will feature works by a great roster of international caliber street artists. Some of them are already in town and working on their murals. We passed by yesterday and caught some pix of Ron English and Dearraindrop works currently in production.

Dearraindrop, an artist collective from Virgina, is doing a whole Miami-inspired wall featuring a tiger on acid dancing on a booty.

Meanwhile, Ron English is doing some kind of baby Hulk displaying an explosive show of force.

Oh yeah, and camouflage deer are involved.

We don't know who did this one, but damn, that shit's gangster.

Tony Goldman even sprung for some new furniture.

Book author DB Burkeman is doing a sticker wall installation called Stuck Up.

Recognize anybody?

Recognize or get your taste buds slapped out!

...while these dudes watch.

In some galleries, the art is trash. In the streets of Miami, even trash is art.

Check out our Art Basel 2010 events guide for more fun stuff to check out.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.