Wynwood Murals Join Google Art Project's Street Art Collection

Quickly emerging as one of the most prominent creative communities in the world, Wynwood and its walls were recently hand-picked by Google as an artifact worth preserving.

The Google Art Project's Street Art Collection has enlisted the participation of over 55 street art collectives across 34 countries in order to digitize thousands of images for its online depository. Since its creation in June 2014, the collection has almost doubled in size, furthering the organization's mission to preserve a medium of art that is often transient and temporal in its very nature.

Using their Street View technology, visitors can virtually wander from one city to the next — hopping the globe from Lisbon to Hong Kong and Buenos Aires — exploring and interacting with street art around the world, and catching a glimpse of the how and the why international artists decide to take to the streets. Through guided audio tours, curated exhibitions, and artist video diaries, viewers get a behind-the-scenes account of some of the world's most fascinating street murals, regardless of whether they actually still exist.

Currently there are a handful of Wynwood murals, including the Remed and Okuda above. Surely with such a rich visual culture of street art, more and more of Miami's murals will be added. 

The Google Street Art Project is part of Google's larger initiative, the Google Cultural Institute, which was created to bring "the world's cultural treasures" online and into the homes of millions of google users around the world.
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Nicole Martinez
Contact: Nicole Martinez