Art Basel Miami Beach

Wynwood Hearts Artist Collective Hosting Basel Closing Bash on Monday at the LAB

As a rapidly growing, highly desirable city to the stars, we've got plenty of art (Basel, anyone?), plenty of money and plenty of 1 percent'ers in our midst. But what about heart? Do we have enough of that?

Wynwood Hearts, a brand new artist's collective, would vote yes. The just-launched collaborative art movement slash freelance guild is hosting a Basel closing bash on Monday night to introduce the 305 to their unique mission and open-armed attitude.

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So what, exactly, is Wynwood Hearts trying to do?

"To empower, support, and facilitate local artists to be leaders of cultural and socioeconomic change. We lead Wynwood and the Miami artist community, through holistic measures, a fair market model, and an ambitious progressive attitude," says co-founder Riko Chirito.

Chirito says they're looking to be a resource for artists in Miami and beyond. The collaborative currently features artists and creatives of different disciplines, all working together.

"Through Wynwood Hearts, artists can be connected to work opportunities, an artist network, professional development and support," he explains.

Basically, they want to bring people together to facilitate positive change in the community. And they're looking for new members.

"Artists that are passionate, mature and full of positive energy, can join our movement and become Heartists. Our way of saying a 'Lover of Art,' because remarkable art comes from the heart."

To give people a better idea of what they're all about, Wynwood Hearts is hosting a Basel closing bash on Monday night. Starting at 6 p.m. there'll be a local artist market faire featuring the works of Angelica Gonzalez, Beatrice Blue, Cindee Tabares and Desi McGill, among others -- your chance to infuse some money into Miami's art scene.

Then, at 8:30 p.m., the Wynwood Hearts crew will be performing The Change of Perspectives - An Experience of Unity -- a multi-media, multi-artist collaborative art installation.

"Attendees can expect to question their reality and understand that they must unite forces and act. There is still hope and it lies in humanity and the power of art," describes Chirito.

The performance will include elements like Reality TV - An Introduction to your Life, described as a reminder of the consequences of our passivity and inaction; and

Exit The Matrix - Do something, but First You Gotta Get MAD, likened to 1796's The Network -- among other components.

Lastly, at 11 p.m. they'll have a performance platform, The Heart Style - An Expression of You and Us, including music, poetry, comedy, dance and more. It's the perfect end to Basel madness.

The event is free, and it's going down at The LAB Miami starting at 6 p.m.

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