Art Basel Miami Beach

Workshop Workshop Makes Zines Inside Design Miami

Beginning December 1, Jim Drain of Bas Fisher Invitational, British artist Graham Hudson, and I are co-curating a project inside Design Miami (where my wife works) called The Brief Happy Life of Workshop Workshop. Here's the press release, which I wrote, so I guess it's a press release in the literal sense of a "release from the press." Stop by and lend some content if you come by the fair.

Workshop Workshop, a factory and salon created by artist Jim Drain, poet P. Scott Cunningham, and sculptor Graham Hudson, produces zines that respond to Design/Miami itself--its participants, objects, conversations, histories, narratives, suggestions and shapes. Even the detritus of the tent's construction has been put to use by Hudson, who is in the act of constructing the space using leftover lumber, rubber, plastic, furniture--anything the fair and the city (the larger fair) has cast off. In Workshop Workshop, physical and metaphysical byproducts are recycled and put to use, creating an environment, a process, and a series of work that represents the heightened interplay that occurs in Miami each December, and creates a locus for collaboration.

Drain, Cunningham and Hudson will draw from a rotating--and ever-expanding--crew of local and international artists, designers and writers, in order to produce as many zines as it can during the length of fair, with as diverse a range of content as possible.

zine [zeen]

1. An abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine
2. A handmade journal, with small circulations and hyperlocal aesthetics, that maximizes the two-dimensional intersection of image and text, using both original and appropriated content.
3. Any self-published work of minority interest reproduced via photocopier.

Completed zines cost $5.00 each or can be bartered for intellectual property.

Proceeds will be donated to two local non-profits, Bas Fisher Invitational, an artist-run exhibition space, and the University of Wynwood, a literature advocacy organization.

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P. Scott Cunningham