Working Stiffs

Just yesterday, while waiting at the bus stop with $2 fare in hand, we spied an ad for a new spa on the Beach. A woman, hair wrapped in a towel, lies prostrate on a bench. Purple orchids surround her, and two hands sink into the muscles of her shoulders. We know this dame, but we've never met. Her shoulders are sore from lugging around a Prada handbag full of gold coins. She buys $12 blueberries at Epicure. She doesn't need to find alternative routes to avoid the toll on the Venetian Causeway. She valet-parks at the dentist. She wipes her mouth with dollar bills. OK, maybe we've gone too far. But for most of us going to a spa is about as realistic as paying off our student loans in full.

Not this week. During Spa Week, the gulf between Miami's rich and poor will shrink an inch or two. Beginning this Monday, select Miami spas will offer $50 treatments. Show up to the Standard Spa (40 Island Ave., Miami Beach) in your Payless sandals and Marshalls dress for a Love Your Skin Body Treatment. Shed your clothes and your hangups about class as you get a hot shell massage at the Seven Seas Spa & Salon (16701 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles). Affordable relaxation ends April 18.
April 12-18, 2010
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Amanda McCorquodale