Words & Wine Returns to American Legion Tonight

Words & Wine, one of Miami's strongest weekly poetry and artist

gatherings, is back on at the American Legion following a two-week

hiatus. Organizer and founding poet Nikki Rodriguez confirmed that the

open microphone is staying put.

"We considered other venues, but in the

end, we really wanted to stay at the Legion, because it's such a

beautiful location for Words & Wine." Due to sound ordinances,

complaints from neighbors, and improper permitting by the Legion, all

events were temporarily suspended. Things are now back in order, with a

few adjustments.

The Legions will have heightened security making sure

no loiterers hang outside in the parking lot. In addition, there will be

a strict enforcement of the 18 and over age limit. Sorry kids,

you do have to go home, and you can't stay here. Furthermore, the

outside patio doors will close sharply at 11 p.m., keeping the sound


And finally, in accordance with the new rules, there will be a

strict dress code enforced by steroid-popping men in black sports

coats and red ties: all who enter must have a collar, and there are to be no hats or

sneakers. Just kidding about the dress code. It's Words & Wine, come

on! Nothing's really changing. If anything, the gathering will be a little bit

more about words, that is if they want to stay at their current venue. Just don't wake the neighbors.

Words & Wine starts at 8 p.m. tonight at the American Legion's Harvey W. Seeds (6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami). Visit Words & Wine on Facebook.

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