Winning and Whining

If Bridesmaids is the female Hangover, what is Bachelorette? It would be an insult to call it the female Hangover Part II, but it’s certainly cut from the same fold of cloth as the boozy, profane, cliquey comedies that have overtaken Hollywood and, sometimes, the stage. Before it became a Kirsten Dunst vehicle for the silver screen last year, Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette was a 2010 play that received critical raves for its frank, caustically funny, and sad portrayals of three young women’s misadventures in a posh hotel room on the eve of a friend’s wedding. The faint of heart and easily blushable are forewarned: Everything from liquor to pot and cocaine is “consumed” onstage, and some of Headland’s dialogue would shock Andrew Dice Clay. But it’s the human core of Bachelorette that might ensure its endurance as a work of theatrical art long after hard-R comedies become passé. Florida International University’s production of it, part of the school’s 2013 Alternative Theatre Festival, shows at 8 p.m. this Thursday through Saturday at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center (10910 SW 17th St., Miami). Tickets cost $10. Call 305-348-2895 or visit
June 27-29, 8 p.m.; July 4-6, 8 p.m., 2013
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John Thomason