Windsurf’s Up, Dude

Most folks think windsurfing is a sport for sunburned tourists. Or John Kerry. The Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic proves windsurfing is actually a sport for those with the balls to harness the wind and ride the shoulders of unforgiving waters at ungodly speeds. It’s an event that draws more than 200 top-level windsurfers from all parts of the country and as far away as Brazil, proving not only that Brazilians are awesome at soccer, but also they’re looking to corner the market in ass-kicking at windsurfing.

Races run from the morning through the early afternoon, when spectator boats provide great views of the windsurfers hitting all three of the known “super” speeds: warp, ludicrous, and incontinence-inducing. Plus don’t miss all the tasty food and terrific parties. The Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic, named for the late multi-class sailing champion, benefits Shake-a-Leg Miami. So come for the food, parties, and kick-ass windsurfing, knowing it all goes to a great cause that brings a lot of people hope.
Fri., Jan. 18, 2008
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Chris Joseph