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Will Maya Rudolph Play Whitney Houston on Saturday Night Live Tomorrow? We Hope So

Maya Rudolph is returning to Studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live this weekend. It's the first time the Bridesmaids star will host since her run as a cast member -- and the first time she'll appear on the show since the death of Whitney Houston. And plenty of people already have their panties all in a bunch over the possibility of Rudolph doing her popular impression of Whitney Houston on the show. (NBC has neither confirmed or denied the rumors.)

Some may say it's in bad taste, since the late singer's funeral is scheduled earlier that day. But it's one of Rudolph's most well known impressions and it would be ridiculous if it wasn't included in a sketch. We like to think Whitney would look down at Rudolph and laugh every time she yells "Bobby-Brown!" And it'd be a better tribute than that split-second still shot of Houston's SNL appearance the show ran last week.

Check out Rudolph's Whitney Houston performance, and other great characters we hope to see Saturday night, after the jump.

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Nicky Diaz