Will Ferrell and Diego Luna Talk Casa De Mi Padre, Play the Loudest Whisper Challenge

Will Ferrell, former Saturday Night Live cast member, star of stage and cinema, and perhaps the greatest loud whisperer of all time, was in Miami yesterday to promote his upcoming, Spanish-language film, Casa de mi Padre.

Ferrell and Casa co-star Diego Luna sat down with New Times for an exclusive two-on-one--or as the French say, ménage à trios--interview at the famed Four Seasons Miami.

With his piercing blue eyes and Irvine, California charm, Ferrell opened up about what it was like working with the "Van Gogh" of cinema (Diego Luna) and the 15-year anniversary of his first feature film, Men Seeking Women.

Check out our video Q&A below.

Like an STD, Ferrell's first feature film flew under the radar and wound up in the bottom of a $5 movie bin at Wal-Mart. Despite the goofy packaging and relatively unknown cast, we took a gamble on Men Seeking Women and fell in love.

"My head is so misshapen," Ferrell quips after we present him with a copy of the 1997 flick. "This is a collector's edition."

"Wow," Luna adds. "Holy shit."

In Casa de mi Padre, Luna and Ferrell play two Mexican brothers, Raul and Armando, respectively. Speaking with them, it's obvious that their on-screen chemistry is both genuine and quite brotherly.

"Diego is to cinema what Van Gogh is to painting," Ferrell says.

"Can I be serious for a second?" Luna asks. "Will [represents] what I need to do to stay working in cinema." Aw.

Casa de mi Padre premieres tonight at the Colony Theatre as part of the South Beach Comedy Festival and hits theaters on March 16.

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