Wild in the Streets

Forget dorky helmets and hand signals. There's a better way to get around town than bicycling. Need to refill the beer fridge? Take a direct path to the grocery store — vault over your neighbor's fence, dodge that rabid dog, scramble across crumbling rooftops, scale the sides of vacant condos, drop into an alley, leapfrog a few festering dumpsters, and you're already at the checkout. This is called freerunning or — if you're French — parkour.

Beware, though: Attempting advanced urban acrobatics without proper training could easily lead to a chronic groin injury or a shameful string of trespassing arrests. So before taking your tricks to the streets, get some instruction from the pros at the Miami Freerunning Academy. Pay $140 for 12 sessions and learn how to wall-flip, wing-spin, and reverse-monkey-vault at Monday's Adults Beginner Freerunning Course.
Mondays, 6 p.m., 2010
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S. Pajot