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Why We Love Fox's New Girl Despite the High Cheesiness Factor

Most people know Zooey Deschanel for her Smiths-loving, heartbreaking role in 500 Days of Summer, opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or for her musical project She & Him with singer-songwriter, M. Ward.  Either way, she has emerged as one of the most beloved (and envied) female indie idols of the past decade.  

Between her offbeat acting roles and big blue eyes, most people either love her or hate her. If you love her, you're in luck. Fox's quirky Tuesday night middle child, New Girl, stars Deschanel as Jess, the new girl in a house full of dudes.  While Deschanel predictably plays her dorky, perky self, the show is surprising funny and candid. Hey girl, we love this show and here's why.

5. The Douchebag Jar

This genius invention debuted during the pilot episode when resident

douchebag Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, shows off his abs and

declares, "This is LLS, Ladies Love Schmidt." Like a Swear Jar, a dollar

must be deposited anytime one of the roommates says anything douchey. 

If you carried one of these around South Beach, you'd make a fortune!

4. The Chemistry Between Nick and Jess

Something's brewing between roommate Nick, played by Jake Johnson, and

Jess.  Apparently it has become obvious to the other characters too as

even Jess's new love interest, Paul, played by Justin Long, asks if Nick

and her ever dated.  Rumor has it Deschanel and Johnson have so much

real life chemistry the writers are writing new material into the script

to suggest a potential pairing in the future.  It would sure make for

good TV seeing as it may be the reason Deschanel recently split with

husband Ben Gibbard.

3. The Dorkiness Factor

While FOX's tagline for the show "Simply Adorkable" stinks of cheese,

Jess's dorkiness is adorable because Deschanel essentially plays herself

down to the vintage wardrobe and nerdy glasses. But being a dork is

cool now, especially if you're a pretty girl like Jess.  She references

the Lord of the Rings, uses puns, and has super dorky ways of dealing

with her feelings i.e. 'the Feeling Stick.' She even makes up her own

theme song! True, Jess annoys us when she sings what's she's doing like a

third-rate musical number, but not without some charm to warm our

shrunken little hearts.

2. Jess Is Not Afraid to Be Herself

Many times throughout the show, Jess's roommates tell her to "suppress

the Jess," but that doesn't stop her from being herself.  Even after

Nick tells her no hillbilly teeth at the wedding, she brings them anyway

and puts them in, hillbilly voice and all.  And although though her

hair is messy and her apron's still on she answers the door when Paul

comes for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's refreshing to see a young female

character on TV who is comfortable in her own skin. She knows herself

and that's sexy!

1. It's Actually Funny

Few comedy shows actually give us a good laugh, but New Girl has some

truly funny moments. After Jess sees Nick naked she tries to confront

him, but he quickly realizes she can't say the word 'penis.'  While the

part where she sings it, says it in slow motion, in pig Latin, in

Swedish, in fake Italian, etc., isn't available as a clip, this gem pins

the show's 4th grade humor perfectly.  If this doesn't make you laugh,

congratulations, your peen is probably wrinkled and your bubbles sag.

--Liana Minassian

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