Why RuPaul's Drag Race Is the Best Thing on Television

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If you are lucky enough to have the sensational and spicy LOGO TV channel on your television set, the show to watch on Monday nights is Ru Paul's Drag Race. Now in its third season, the show combines creativity, artistic expression, personality, and comedy. It puts all other competition reality shows to shame.

Each episode, fabulous drag queens from all over the country compete in rigorous challenges -- all for the goal of winning the title of America's Next Drag Superstar. RuPaul demands character, charisma, and charm from each of the contestants. If you don't bring it honey, you will get the axe more quickly than a lumberjack in a tutu. Here are ten reasons it's the best show on TV.

10. Wigs

Your Grammy's hair piece has nothing on these contraptions. Each outfit

these drag queens don are large and in charge or tight and right. Some

of these head warmers are so extravagant the competitors have to super

glue them to their heads. We guess taking all your hair off in the name

of entertainment is nothing new, just ask Britney Spears.

9. Shoes

A good pair of heels is every diva's weakness, but when was the last

time you tried to find a pair of shocking stilettos to fit a size 12

wide foot? These queens not only have the task of looking fierce at

every juncture, but they have to walk, strut and dance in heels higher

than Bob Marley on 4/20. It is fascinating to see a 6'1", 250-pound

entertainer dance like Tina Turner.

8. Pit Crew

Gay, Straight, whatever, who doesn't enjoy watching a ripped and toned,

gorgeous male specimen prance around greased up? After all, what is a

pit crew for anyway?

7. Confessions

No reality show is complete without cast confessionals. These girls

throw shade in a big way. Watching the cat fight during the reunion is

better than Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.

6. Makeup

The transformation of drag is in no way complete with a fantastic makeup

job. The structure and shaping of the face and dramatic looks that are

created by these artists are mind blowing. From time to time you will

see a girl in your local club try to pull this off, but drag makeup on a

real woman is nothing short of a disaster. These entertainer's skills

will have you dropping to your knees...in admiration of course.

5. Judging Panel

Roger and Ebert don't have a thing on these critics. The girls are in

the hot seat at the end of the show. They are judged on their challenge

and runway outfit and performance. Watching the judging panel rip apart

these queen's hard work is better than Shark Week.

4. The Interior Illusions Lounge

After each runway show and judge review, the contestants are asked to

return to the "Interior Illusions Lounge." This is really another way of

saying, "Go stress out about how bad your performance was and argue

with the other queens." You can see everything in the segment from crude

remarks, drink tossing, cursing, tears, and fake eyelashes flying.

3. The Runway

These divas put Naomi Campbell to shame!  The looks vary from campy

drag, Parisian couture to Jessica Rabbit look a-likes. The runway never

looked so fierce, and never held such attitude.

2. RuPaul

The Man. The Queen. The Legend. This entertainment icon is nothing short

of enchanting. She takes ordinary performers and molds them into

superstars with just one saying, "You better Work!"  This is hardly her

only catch phrase of the show, but her advice and charm is inspiring and

riveting. Every week she outshines each of her contestants, which even

more solidifies her position as the industry's leading queen. She shows

humor, compassion, strength, beauty, and pure talent through her show.


These are poison to any queen's ears. This phrase means you have failed

at every challenge of the week and are now in the hot seat. If you are

chosen to lip synch you better work or you'll be packing all of those

wigs, lashes, oversized heels and boob glue up and headed back to face

the dark hollow of rejection. The contestant chosen to "sashay away" is

always devastated, but is sent with a ray of hope to continue their

journey to the throne.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.